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New Chapter...

My name is Elizabeth Lozano. I was born in Woodland California, but I was raised in Farmington New Mexico. I have lived all my life in the four corners area, there is just something about this place that has kept me here for 30+ years. I am a daughter to some amazing and hardworking parents. They have taught me to never give up on my dreams and always keep pushing forward.

I went to school at San Juan College where I studied Business Administration. I was the first from my family to complete college. It was a big achievement for myself and my parents. During my time in college, I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl which is my pride and joy. She gives me the strength that I need to continue.

Overall, I must say that I have been blessed with all the people that are in my life. But life has not always been easy for me, I ran through some rough patches these couple of months. Which were eye openers for me. I learned and grew so much with this and now here I am opening a business with two amazing and empowering women I am happy to call my friends. It is a new chapter in my life that I am starting, and I must say that I am super excited.

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