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About Us


G.E. & B.  is an online retail store that carries New Mexican products with a focus on self-care. 

Our mission is to provide items that will bring joy and warmth to people as well as to promote a more productive and healthier lifestyle.

Our story started during a hike back in September 2020, when two of the co-founders were discussing about the importance of self-care and how small businesses are the backbone of our economy. One of the co-founders mentioned that she had previously briefly discussed with another friend the idea of maybe one day opening a small business. 

As the hike continued, the exploration on how to create a product that would deliver self-care items and also help New Mexican small businesses began and G.E. &. B. was created. 

How it works? Every month we will search and select 4-5 self-care products from New Mexican small businesses and placed in a self-care box. Customers will place their orders online. No subscription required. 

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